Logistics of an American Marrying in the Philippines

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Logistics of an American Marrying in the Philippines

Postby jae » Sun May 14, 2017 8:30 am

I live in Florida, USA and have met (through the internet, not in person yet) a girl from the Philippines. We want to get married, but both realize that we cannot make that decision definitely until at least we meet in person. Now I am not wealthy, but have a steady job and some money saved up (maybe because I am a cheapskate) and will be able to support us both with no problem.

What are the logistics of getting married in the Philippines? I mean, assuming we like each other after we meet and still want to marry, what are the least number of trips that it would take to do so? We are both Catholic, and I would want to get married there so her parents, relatives and friends could be present.

We would have to meet with a priest a certain length of time before the wedding. There seems to be paperwork to fill out for the US government and for the church, etc. Some of this has to be done a certain length of time before other things. There seems to be a medical exam she would have to take at the US embassy - is that on Leyte where she lives? Add to all this the fact I am a native Floridian and have never flown before and have no idea how to get a passport or airline tickets or any of that. It is all overwhelming to me.

I don't want to be over there all ready for the wedding and have some new paperwork spring up that has to be completed two months prior to the wedding and have to make another trip. (The extra trips I would like to save for the future so she could visit her parents again, possibly bringing some grandchildren along to meet them!)

Thanks in advance for any advice and help!
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