Happy Birthday, Papa

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Happy Birthday, Papa

Postby crisipicada » Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:05 pm

Happy Birthday, Papa! I miss you so much... You are such a wonderful father, a man of credibility, integrity, and responsibility. I seldom see you, sometimes ones a year or ones in two years because you work far from us to be able to provide our needs. Thank you so much for all the wisdom and guidance that you gave us. I know your sacrifices so that we your eight children will be able to send to school, and you wanted us to be happy and successful in life. You keep reminding us to have focus, discipline, persistence. Thank you that you really care for me and visit me at school without my knowledge if how am i doing. I still remember that when you were dying, you see to it that we can stand our own selves when you passed away. I don't see you go to church, but you read the Bible and pray. You have been a good example to the community and be able to help people, by your good character, by helping them, and I cannot fathom how you attract people that they come to you that they wanted you to be a leader because they see in you the man of leadership and respect. When you become the secretary to the senior citizen group, people wanted you to be the president to the senior citizen organization and you become one. You have been a great influence to the people and to the community. As a father, you stimulate our minds to the reality about life, and support us in our desires and aspirations. You assist me/us and keep reminding me/us to have straight life and be responsible with it. Every time you come home, you try to open our mind what we really want and give advice what we can be and you told us to have faith. You never been controlling however encourage us of what God place in our heart to become. You never leave me and I miss our conversations, I miss your teachings about history of the Philippines and about the world and remind us to build rapport while working in the government. I see your kindness when you see your grand daughters and grandsons. Thank you also that you love mama for not letting us to be the burden for her when you passed away. Yes, you are a walking dictionary and I really admire your intelligence and wisdom. When I feel down and made mistake, you cheer me up. We your sons and daughter be forever grateful to you. Nothing compares to you as a father and very responsible father and you are my one and only father. I miss you, papa.
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