Victory doesn't come by accident

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Victory doesn't come by accident

Postby crisipicada » Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:34 pm

Everyday we come across with many battles, be it heart, money, control or relationship. Many times, we do not know what to do or strategy we need to do, and plan to overcome battles. Like battles in the field, it needs to study how enemy operate and to counter it in the right way.

Like many of us, relationship is hard to cope with in times of problems. HOw do we overcome such battle when heart is involve? So with the mental torture we experience due to misunderstanding and the right we need to fight.

So many years past, prayer is the most effective way we fight our battles. We need the wisdom and guidance to make things straighten and fight for our lives which includes relationship, situation, so with many circumstances we fight with right now. After all, the peace of God will heal our hearts and minds to fight with it. Let us therefore come in prayer and humble heart that He alone can gives us victory in every fight we have right now. Fight our battles on our knees
Nothing can separate us from the love of God
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