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Postby crisipicada » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:40 am

In every conflict, it is hard to forgive someone who cause you hurt. It is hard to forgive and you feel anger inside your heart. Family conflict, for instance, is hard to settle especially when your brothers are adding problems to the family. For some reason, they want to make bad things just to make you feel angry and feel bad. Just like trying to cut your planted trees without permission, hurting your animals and almost dead, and you do not know why it wont stand anymore due to cut on its leg, increase of water bill because someone forgot to close the water, etc. Sometimes, we do not know how to address the situation or they just need attention or what. When you feel angry and say something to express your anger, you have done already and cannot take it back. Then my mother said, we cannot do about it but forgive and pray for them. I like this attitude my mother has. Forgive and you feel better. This is just so easy to say but so hard to do. Anyone who wants to forgive? Well, let us forgive and make a new start life. Reconcile and put things behind and be happy. We deserve to be happy. :D
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