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Our Roof

Postby Edwin » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:53 pm

I think you all heard about my cellar until you were probably sick of hearing about it! Well, it was a long project because the digging was so hard through rocks and hard pan, and that made it a 3 year project. Also I was throwing dirt really high, moving it several times, and then at the end I was carrying it out with buckets. There are other things I could do to the cellar, but it has the water system safe from freezing in there, and that was the main purpose of it. The other thing I am definately going to do to the cellar is I am going to dig an entry way from the other side of our house so that we can walk into it on an decline or stairs, or both. I still have water flowing into the cellar, but it has slowed until I only have to pump it about every 36 hours or so.

The other thing that has been on my mind since we moved in here is the roof. They didn't build roofs on these mobile homes strong enough to stand the weight of any snow at all. Here that is not usually a problem because we have such hard winds that the wind usually blows most all the snow off the roof. I did pull snow off with a snow rake this last winter once. They use 2 by 4s for rafters, and that is not heavy enough to support any snow at all. They also used 1/4 inch plywood for sheeting, and that is not thick enough. They put the rafters on 24 inch centers which means there is only one support in the middle of the 1/4 inch plywood, and that is a 2 by 4! It is no wonder that the roof sags! Even though I have not looked at many mobile homes, but I am told that most older double wide mobile homes have sagging roofs. The other problem is that we have had roofing shingles blow off our house during most of the hard wind storms, and we pick up pieces of them all over the field! My son in law gave me some throw away shingles, so I have been repairing, putting back shingles and nailing them down. The only place our roof actually leaks is over the kitchen sink. The sagging roof forms a valley there, and it is dished out on the bottom of the roof, so it holds water there until it gradually comes down in the kitchen! Deteriorating floors is another problem in these old homes, but I pretty well have all of them repaired. Our youngest daughter is doing us a favor by having one of her good friends gather peoplle who work on roofs for a living, and they are going to replace our roof. I have been worrying a lot about that roof because I don't think I have enough money left to replace it, and it has to be replaced. We have helped our daughter a lot, and now she is going to help us, and that is really nice! Our house is becoming more liveable all the time! :D :D
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