Banti Chickens

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Banti Chickens

Postby Edwin » Fri May 10, 2013 5:12 pm

My parents were real chicken farmers, as well as raising pigs, many of them, milking cows also too many of them, and keeping a few horses. We never had any banti chickens when I was growing up because Mom and Dad grew the big birds either for meat or egg laying or both, when the egg layers would stop laying eggs, off would come their heads, and they would end up in our stew pot as chicken and dumplings, chicken soup, or just the meat to eat.

I thought the banti chickens were so cute! I saw other people's banti chickens and it amazed me that there were actually adult chickens that small. Now we have 3 of them, a rooster and 2 hens. They are nice little birds and they lay pretty. I now have one dozen of their eggs in the fridge! They have a little house and pen that has to bottom in it, so when I get my yard fence finished I will drag that pen around the yard allowing them to clean up on grass and leaves. I kept a light bulb in their little house through the winter for a little heat for them, and also to increase their hours of daylight!

Not everyone can bear these little chickens because they have a firey disposition. The rooster that we have is quite agressive, and I took care of them most of the winter as it was too hard for Carol to get down in the snow, open their house to feed, water, and gather their eggs. Carol would stand at the door and hand me feed and water, and that way she didn't have to get out in the bitter cold, and stand on her head in the snow, so it was a good trade off, and I didn't mind, and she was happy to have a little help with that. Now Carol is gone for a couple of weeks and I am actually taking care of them in the summer like conditions. During the winter everytime I would reach in there to get their food or water dish, that rooster would come at me, flopping his wings and pecking. I thought it was kind of funny, and I just let him peck, telling him, "hahahaha, see you can't hurt me!" I think the little birds are neat, and Carol loves them! She tells me, "I will not let that rooster peck me! I'm not sure how she can avoid it, but I think the flopping rooster and pecking kind of intimidates her! Well they are fun! :D :D
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