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Dog Language

Postby Edwin » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:18 pm

How do you know what a dog is thinking? The dog's eyes, tail, and ears are connected to that dog's brain. When our doggie, Rand, is watching something you can see his ears going up and down! Also his tail is either straight out rigid, or it is wagging in rythmn. It might be switching like a mad cat's tail, or it might just be wagging vibrantly! You can watch the dog's eyes also to see how they look? Rand would not hurt a person or another dog. He will defend himself if another dog attacks him. If another dog wants to play, and Rand does not want to play, he will turn his eyes, and growl while bearing his teeth, but he will not harm the other dog. When Rand is very happy he will show his teeth in a grin or a smile! Rand can also whine, talk with changing pitch and loudness. If he is alerted he will bark very loudly, and sometimes he scares Carol to death with his barking outbursts! Sometimes it is an extremely loud outburst and immediately silence! If Rand feels really disturbed, or if he is afraid, he has a ridge of hair all the way from his head to his tail that stands right straight up! Who says that dogs can't talk! You can learn to listen to your dog! :D :D
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