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Busy Weekend

Postby Edwin » Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:45 pm

I am the kind of guy that I like a workable reasonable routine. But, life is not like that all the time. We may like to get up at a certain time, go to bed at a certain time, and do what we want to most of the time. Being retired I am only driven by what needs to be accomplished, and what I want to do. I really don't have to do anything if I don't want to do anything, but if I don't do something life will not get better. We still need to improve/upgrade our place. We could live just the way we are, but my bathroom needs to be completed, a new yard fence needs to be built in the back, and our roof needs to be replaced on our house. Even though we can live with one bathroom, we had two bathrooms even while we were hauling water for our needs. When we got water in the house I had my sink and toilet functioning, but I demolished all that to improve the bathroom, and now the toilet and the sink are sitting in another room waiting for me to paint my bathroom and put down linolium on the floor, as well as install the bathtub. I could be working on that but I decided not to work on it until the weather warms a bit and the wind stops blowing. This morning it was 11 degrees colder than the water freezing point where ice is forming! So winter is not finished yet. Soon I will be focusing my energies on taking care of those things!

This past weekend was a very busy and full weekend. The guy who was our supervisor for the 8 out of the 10 years we lived and worked in the National Park died about a week ago. Saturday we attended his funeral. He was our good friend, and we worked very closely together for 8 years, so it was very sad to commemorate his passing. We drove to our youngest daughter's house, an hour away, because we thought she wanted to go with us. She didn't, because she was not close to this guy, and I think funerals somewhat bother them, so we left Rand, our doggie, there and made the 3 hour trip to where the funeral was taking place. We spent a while there in the funeral, visiting also, and eating. Then we came directly home, not going back to our daughter's house, but we left Rand there over night. He missed us, because he spent all the next day either sitting on my lap for Carol's!

By the time I got the water pumped out of the cellar, it was after midnight! Then I had to get up at 3:30 a.m., so that I could be showered, shaved, cleaned up, and ready for our trip to the dentist! I went down, and picked up our daughter and granddaughter to go along with me, so that our daughter could do the driving as I get too sleepy on any long distant trip. I got a temporary crown put on a tooth that I broke along with my jaw in a farming accident over 40 years ago. That tooth finally cracked, and the dentist told me that I was lucky that it did break, because it had decay under the back of it.

I now have a temporary tooth replacement, and the permanent one will be put in April 15th and in the meantime I am not supposed to chew anyting with that tooth, because it is plastic instead of permanent and will break easily. It feels nice to have a tooth back in my mouth there even if it is only temporary! :D :D
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