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Dog Flight

Postby Edwin » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:07 am

Have you ever needed to transport a dog? In the past I have read news articles about some airlines not taking good enough care of people's pets. They put them in the cargo area often times, and they are subject to the same problems that happens with people's luggage, only the dog is living and breathing, so that little animal has more special needs than say a box of copy paper for instance. In this story a little dog was supposed to be flown across country, but the little animal got an extended flight! Here is the article:

Dog gone: Phoenix-bound spaniel ends up on flight to Ireland
United Airlines sends dog across ocean instead of cross-country.

The Associated Press

PHOENIX — An English springer spaniel named Hendrix ended up taking a serious detour on his way from New Jersey to Phoenix last week.
He ended up in Ireland after being put on the wrong flight.
United Airlines spokeswoman Megan McCarthy says the 6-year-old dog was traveling in cargo Thursday when the mix-up happened. When the error was realized, she says the airline took immediate steps to get Hendrix back to his owner.
Phoenix television station KNXV reported that the first word owner Meredith Grant got about the mix-up was in a phone call from the airline before Hendrix’s original flight was supposed to land in Phoenix.
Grant says she felt like someone punched her in the stomach after finding out her dog had been sent overseas.
Hendrix was returned, and the airline apologized and offered a full refund.
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