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Postby Edwin » Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:00 pm

All of us need rejuvenation. We get tired at times, and we don't feel that well sometimes. More often than not we suffer from what is called burnout, or fatigue. Fatigue with metal is when stress cracks form after many miles of travel. Some of the school buses are used for many miles until they have several hundred thousand miles on them. They keep rebuilding them so that they can still go down the road, but after a long period of time they form stress cracks or fatique, and after that they are no longer safe for use. Then they often sell them cheap, and someone else will use them not needing to put so many miles on them, so they don't need to have an extended life. We are the same way. We suffer from stress, tiredness, and fatigue, and then we need rejuvenating. We are different from the school buses in that we can become rejuvenated.

What do we need for rejuvination? Often times we are too dormant, and a little activity will do the trick. Then after moving a while we will feel wide awake. Sometimes we have had too much activity, and we suffer from fatigue, and then we need a little rest. Often times eating a good nutritious meal will do the trick. After that we have refueled our bodies, and we are ready for the next 100,000 miles! Sometimes a good night's rest/sleep is what we need to help us to feel better, and then we will wake up ready to take on the world. Then we go for it. A present example is that I ate breakfast, went out for my walk, came in and ate lunch, and then I had a little nap. When I woke up, I was ready, and feeling great, prepared for whatever I was about to do, which was play the piano for a while, and then it seemed like all those keys just played themselves, and I had so much fun. Now here I am doing them, and having so much fun again! We all need rejuvenated at times, and if we can get that at the right time, we are ready to go again with lots of enthusiasm.

Do you have any thoughts on this subject? :lol: :lol:
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